The Chisel Ripper, fabricated by J&D FarmBuilt, is an innovative idea in deep tillage, the company says. It will dig to depths of up to 13-15 inches with 20-25 horsepower per shank depending on the condition of your soil. The lack of horsepower needed to pull the ripper makes it a highly efficient machine. It is a high-speed tillage machine that can run at speeds of 7-8 mph or more and will cut through tough hard pan. The unique design leaves firm dirt on either side of the deep rips and allows tires to bridge over them so there is little tire re­compaction, the company says. To utilize your residue, it is aerated and mixed with the top 3-4 inches of your soil. This will help humus development in the soil. Humus works like a sponge to retain moisture when conditions are dry.

The Chisel Ripper is equipped with heavy-duty vibro tines. It has three independent coulter gangs that are spring-loaded and can be equipped with 8 waved coulters. The gang bearings have grease fittings and are heat resistant to over 400 degrees. The rear shank assemblies have spring resets and a lifetime warranty from Bellota Agrisolutions. As an option, the Chisel Ripper is available with hydraulic gauge wheels for 110-125 horsepower tractors.

“In a recent test, our deep tillage machine out performed vertical till in fracturing hardpan and compaction reduction. In my own personal field, a field test was performed and verified by Sunrise Co-op. This test showed a yield of nineteen bushel to the acre increase in a side-by­side comparison. This same test also showed a significant increase in root structure,” says Jeff Sberna of J&D FarmBuilt.