While nearly half of U.S. corn acres were harvested as of Oct. 16, this year’s harvest is lagging both last year’s pace and the 5-year average. Meanwhile, the soybean harvest is only slightly behind the 5-year average, but significantly behind this date last year.

Set back due to wet weather in several states, overall, 46% of corn acres had been cut as of last Sunday, which is 3% behind the 5-year average. A year ago on this date, 54% of corn had been harvested.

According to USDA, the condition of this year’s corn crop remains extremely good, even slightly better than a week earlier, as well as the previous year. Overall, 74% of the U.S. corn crop was rate as “good” (54%) and “excellent” (20%). This compares with 73% last week, when 53% was rated as “good” and 20% as “excellent.” A year ago, the condition of the corn crop was not quite as good, with 68% rated as “good” (48%) and “excellent” (20%).

The soybean harvest, is also behind last year’s pace, but about even with the 5-year average. As of Oct. 16, 62% of soybeans acres had been harvested, this 11% behind last year, when 73% of the crop was harvested. The 5-year average is 63%.

The condition of U.S. soybeans was unchanged from the previous week, with 74% “good” (53%) or “excellent” (21%). This easily surpasses the condition of soybeans from a year ago when 64% were rated as “good” (48%) or “excellent” (16%).