Here's a list of the most popular items we've published at from the month of April. 

Topping the list of the top stories in April was news of Deere's acquisition of sprayer manufacturer Hagie and in-depth look at the acquisition in On The Record.

Also making the list was an analysis from Executive Editor Dave Kanicki on how recent shortline consolidations and acquisitions might be a sign of things to come.

Kinze Mfg. made news this month as it announced leadership role changes and also announced lay-offs at its Williamsburg, Iowa, plant.

Here's the full list:

1. On The Record: Sprayer Market Shake Up: Hagie Enters Joint Venture with Deere

2. Deere-Hagie News Shows 180-Degree Changes Can Come Quickly

3. Kinze, H&S Mfg. Announce Lay Offs

4. From the Desk of Dave Kanicki: A Sign of Things to Come?

5. March 2016 U.S. Tractor & Combine Sales Analysis

6. On The Record: Big Dealer Report Reveals Growth in Multi-Store Dealerships

7. Success in Shortline Machinery: Growing and Planning for the Future as a Shortline Machinery Dealer

8. On The Record: Titan 'Rips the Band-Aid Off' with Inventory Reduction

9. Kinze Manufacturing Announces Leadership Role Changes

10. Machinery Pete: Surprising Used Values at Beginning of 2016

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