WAUKEGAN, Ill. — Peer Bearing, a leading manufacturer of ball and roller bearings, announced  that it has received U.S. patent 9,157,475 and EU patent 2,452,090 both entitled, “Self-Aligning Maintenance Free Bearing Unit for Agricultural Applications," dated Oct. 13, 2015.

Contamination and improper installation are the leading causes of bearing damage in most agricultural applications. Agricultural bearings have utilized the same rubber seal technology for more than 50 years. According to Dan Mazzarella, industry project manager, “Peer has developed innovative solutions, incorporating multiple sealing zones that maximize productivity and increase uptime by eliminating the need for daily relubrication in harsh agriculture environments. Farmers have experienced up to 15% more tilled acres per day when running equipment with Peer’s TILLXTREME bearings.”

This patent strengthens Peer’s AGXTREME line of products that utilize new bearing and seal technology specifically designed for increased performance in agriculture applications. The solutions allow original equipment manufacturers to offer more reliable and productive farm machinery while reducing the total cost of ownership for end-users.

Since 1941, Peer Bearing has grown into an industry leader offering a wide range of highly engineered, precision bearing products. With a strong focus on the agriculture industry, Peer manufactures, develops and engineers bearing solutions to global market leaders.