Precision Drone LLC announced it will offer scouting services to growers and businesses for hire. The Noblesville, Ind., seventh generation farm-based company currently manufactures and distributes drones through a developed dealer network both nationally and internationally. Through Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allowance, Precision Drone will be able to offer scouting services with the Precision Drone PaceSetter for hire through all of its participating dealer locations.

The PaceSetter is equipped with Precision Vision and autopilot. Precision Vision allows for composite videos showing vegetative crop health and real-time live feed recorded and streamed to the ground. The PaceSetter can remain stable, even in strong winds, and holds GPS location and proper flight orientation.

It has the failsafe return home feature, which allows the drone to return home safely to the original take off location if controller communication fails. It is capable of GIS map integration using Google 3-D maps and has the ability to fly without Internet or Wi-Fi.

Flight status can be monitored from the ground, including the drone’s GPS location on a map, throttle and speed, battery level, directional heading, altitude and pitch. With a preplanned scouting route, multiple scouting locations can be designated. Scouting routes can then be saved for future use.

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