Claas’ new Jaguar 800 Series features a new design and powerful performance with a more spacious and comfortable cab with CEBIS (Claas electronic on-board information system) control concept technology, EASY (efficient agriculture systems) features for straightforward data communications and a reduced operator workload and quick coupling for easy hitching and unhitching of front attachments. 

Jaguar 800 SeriesThe Jaguar 800 Series delivers value and performance for producers and custom harvesters alike. 

Jaguar 800 Series machines have 626-408 horsepower Mercedes-Benz engines with inline 6 cylinders and an electronic on-board information system (CEBIS), which provides information, control, registration and monitoring of all key machine settings. The Jaguar 800 Series forage harvesters also come equipped with Claas efficient agriculture systems (EASY), which allow systems to be matched perfectly with each other, enabling you to get the best performance from your machines and top results for your operation.

The Jaguar 800 Series has an extremely maintenance friendly design. All of the key components are housed securely and centrally in the cab. The Jaguar accelerator only requires two people to remove in one hour when post-harvest cleaning is required.

The Jaguar 800 Series also comes equipped with Claas Multi Crop Cracker technology, which allows the crop to be accelerated further at each step as it is increasingly centered by the chevron arrangement of the knives and accelerator paddles, allowing the Jaguar to consume less fuel in gallons per ton. The intake roller drive in the Jaguar is designed for extremely high performance, with six cutting lengths that can be set as required.

4 Header Options for Jaguar 800 Series

There are 4 header and front attachment options for the Jaguar 800 Series forage harvesters. The Pick Up 300 and 380 headers, with respective working widths of 10 feet and 12.5 feet, feature clean crop intake, robust technology and straightforward operation for clearing windrows. The Direct Disc allows for whole-plant cutting in which you can mow and chop in a single pass. Both the RU and ORBIS can be used for corn harvesting. The RU 450, with up to a 15 feet working width, provides an aggressive crop flow that is ensured by the intake auger whose speed can be optimized in line with the set chopping length. The ORBIS row-independent corn header combines practical experience with innovative structural design and drive solutions for impressive performance in different crops for whole crop sillage harvesting.

EASY Equipment Options

  • Dynamic Power
  • Opti fill
  • Auto fill
  • Auto pilot
  • Cam pilot
  • Telematics
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Quantimeter
  • Moisture sensor
  • Yield mapping