Robust engines provide more torque across a wide RPM range for increased productivity and efficiency

Duluth, Ga.  Challenger, a worldwide brand of AGCO, is giving growers a boost in the field with new Challenger MT900E Series tractors. Three articulated models match robust new AGCO POWER 16.8-liter diesel engines from 490-590 engine horsepower with enhanced hydraulic capacity, delivering the perfect union of efficient power and rugged capability.

MT900E Series“The MT900E Series is specifically designed to meet the productivity needs of the most progressive grower,” says Conor Bergin, product marketing manager, High-Horsepower Tractors. “Unlike competitive models that rely on modified over-the-road engines, all MT900E Series tractors feature AP168-4 diesel engines built just for agriculture so operators can power through challenging field conditions and cover more ground, more efficiently, each day.” 

Bergin cites ample horsepower, a sustained torque curve, high-flow hydraulics, smooth PTO engagement and a robust three-point hitch as key features that let operators take on bigger implements and achieve more. Additionally, fully integrated auto guidance technology and deluxe cab upgrades reduce operator fatigue and maximize productivity.

New AP168-4 Engines, Massive Power and Quiet Performance

The AP168-4 engine powering all MT900E Series models is designed to handle the most rigorous field applications, with 490-590 rated engine horsepower and 529-637 maximum engine horsepower. Dual twin turbochargers with interstage-charge air coolers and electronic wastegate control contribute to outstanding torque at low RPMs. The high torque rise and sustained torque curve provide exceptional lugging ability with no need to downshift or pull the implement out of the ground, boosting productivity and providing exceptional fuel economy.

A dedicated team of AGCO engineers developed the AP168-4 engine to provide robust power with smooth, quiet operation. Built to exacting standards, the custom-fit design and smaller cylinders dramatically reduce engine noise. Each component in the balanced rotating group (cam shaft, connecting rods, bearings) is calibrated to the nearest gram to reduce vibration and extend service life.

Operators also benefit from smokeless operation at low RPM thanks to 29,000-psi injection pressure and durable Bosch fuel injection hardware. The efficient engine design also achieves Tier 4 Final emissions control while eliminating the need for a heat-generating diesel particulate filter. 

Increased Hydraulic Capacity and Improved Cooling System

The MT900E Series is as big on hydraulic capacity as it is on pulling power. Standard hydraulic capacity has been increased significantly to 58 GPM, with a high-flow option of 85 GPM. Operators benefit from a rugged Category V drawbar with Category IV adapter, which saves time when changing implements. Smoother PTO engagement reduces wear and tear on today’s larger implements.

The new two-plane cooling system reduces service time because operators no longer need to expand or unfold coolers to clean out any debris. The new stacked coolers provide improved heat rejection between the planes while maximizing cooling capacity.

Deluxe Cab Upgrades, More Productive Workdays Ahead

Panoramic views, plush-leather seating options and advanced auto guidance technology turn the MT900E Series cab into a deluxe command center, letting operators clock longer hours with ease. A heated and ventilated leather seat ensures season-long comfort, while clear sight lines to the drawbar and front and rear tires, reduce operator fatigue.

All models are Auto-Guide3000 ready from the factory. The fully integrated steering solution provides a seamless transition from previous models, allowing operators to take advantage of accuracy upgrades with minimal start-up time.

The new MT900E Series tractors include the MT955E (490 engine horsepower), MT965E (540 engine horsepower) and MT975E (590 engine horsepower).

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