After making up significant ground during the previous week, last week saw another slowdown in getting corn in the ground.

Overall on May 18, 73% of corn acres were planted in the 18 states that accounted for 91% of all corn acreage last year, according to USDA. This is only 3% below the 5-year average of 76%, but is well ahead of the 59% planted a week earlier. It’s also ahead of last year’s pace, which saw 65% planted at this time in 2013.

Cold temperatures and continuing rains are impacting the northern states of Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin where are all 20% or more behind their 5-year average.

USDA also reported that 34% of corn had emerged by May 18. This compares with 18% the previous week, 17% a year ago and the 42% average over the past 5 years.

As for soybeans, 33% was in the ground as of May 18 vs. 20% a week earlier and 21% a year ago. Soybean plantings are 5% the 5-year average of 38%.

According to USDA, 9% of soybeans have emerged vs. 3% a year earlier and the 5-year average of 11%.