Keep the coffee on for the next 36 hours — here's a recap of what dealers are saying the impact on 2015 sales might be from the extension of Section 179 limits as the sand runs out on 2015:

"179 is helping; probably won't have enough hours in the day ..."

"We are seeing some moderate activity as a result of section 179. It has helped us move a few carryover big ticket items. Customers still playing it conservative and only buying if there is a business case (more acres, less man power requirements, etc). The real benefit will be next year for customers being able to plan ahead, knowing Section 179 is there ..."

"Has been a huge plus ..."

"A little for us, but not great deals. Sold a couple of big used ..."

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Resource: Section 179 Calculator >>

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With the passage of the tax extender bill that made Section 179 expensing limits of $500,000 permanent on Dec. 18, how many additional deals at the dealership can you attribute to the extension?
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