Calmer Corn Heads will display the world’s first 32 row 15 inch corn head at Husker Harvest Days, September 10-12, 2013, in Lot 1141.

The corn head is 40 feet wide with 32 rows of 15 inches.  This corn head is also equipped with SUPER Calmer BT Chopper Manual Adjust Trash Reduction/Decomposition Kits. 

Calmer Corn Head

A  number of “World’s Firsts” have been displayed by Calmer throughout the years at the Farm Progress Shows. Some examples are:

  • World’s first 15-nch corn head, a 16 row 15 inch (2002).
  • Largest 15-inchcorn head, a 24 row 15 inch corn head (2009).
  • World’s first chopping/shearing stalk roll that processes the corn stalk into pieces 1 inch long that are also shredded (2010)
  • World’s first 12-inch corn head (2012).
  • World's most number of rows with 30 row 12 inch corn head (2013).

Marion Calmer, through the non-profit Calmer Agronomic Research Center, has been involved in the research and promotion of narrow row corn since the early 1990’s – planting corn in 12-inch rows as early as 1994.  His experience demonstrates that equidistant spacing between plants improves light interception and yield potential while a denser canopy reduces erosion and weed control costs.

Calmer Corn Heads specializes in manufacturing corn heads for narrow row corn and looks forward to meeting producer’s growing needs for futuristic corn heads. For more information, visit