Smart, innovative, revolutionary, and industry-changing. New Holland’s GENESIS tractor was all of those things, and twenty years ago, the GENESIS tractor redefined what was possible.

New Holland Introduces a New, Modern GENESIS TractorCelebrating the 20th anniversary of the GENESIS tractor, New Holland is proud to introduce the new GENESIS T8. True to the GENESIS legacy, the GENESIS T8 Series once again redefines what is possible.

The new six model GENESIS T8 Series line-up, with outputs ranging from 273 hp to 419 hp, is powered by state-of-the-art, efficient ECOBlue SCR Cursor 9 engines, developed in collaboration with FPT Industrial, and delivering Tier 4A emissions compliance. The range-topping T8.420 develops an impressive maximum 419 hp with engine power management making it the world’s most powerful continuously variable transmission (CVT) tractor.

“Just like New Holland’s original GENESIS tractors, the new GENESIS T8 Series will become the tractor of choice for cash crop producers, large dairies, commercial hay and forage growers, and transport intensive operations,” says Gary Wojcik, Cash Crop Marketing Segment Leader. “Producers will appreciate the innovative, productivity-enhancing features of the new GENESIS T8 Series.”

Auto Command CVT Transmission

The Auto Command CVT transmission offers infinite speed changes and precise speed control, up to 0.1 mph. Controlled via the ergonomic CommandGrip handle, the four modes of operation -- Auto, Cruise, PTO and Manual -- provide the flexibility to optimize task or fuel efficiency. Easy to program and operate, it provides a smooth seamless application of power: if working in Auto mode, the operator simply selects the desired working speed, and the Auto Command will adjust the engine speed and transmission settings to achieve the most efficient performance.

The GENESIS T8 Auto Command CVT features four points of optimized efficiency where the transmission drives through a full mechanical connection: three points are aimed at field work, and one point for haulage. These points have been engineered by design to correspond to the most frequently used operating speeds. Whether you need a speed for planting, tillage, baling or road transport, the GENESIS T8 Auto Command can deliver. Available in 25 mph and 31 mph options, producers can reach top speeds at lower engine speeds if loads permit, ideal for businesses that undertake extensive transport activities.

The Auto Command transmission is standard on the T8.420 model and optional on other GENESIS T8 Series models. The option of a full powershift transmission is also available on T8.275, T8.300, T8.330, T8.360 and T8.390 models.

New Terraglide Front Suspension Axle

A new front suspension axle is offered as an option on all GENESIS T8 Series tractors. The new, saddle-style design increases suspended load capacity and improves traction in the field.  It also reduces cab bounce and improves ride and handling during high speed transport operations. The result is an ultra-smooth ride plus maximum traction, stability and steering control.

Factory-Installed IntelliView IV Monitor

The premium, widescreen New Holland IntelliView IV monitor is available as a factory-installed option on the GENESIS T8 Series. The 10.5” IntelliView IV color touchscreen display on the SideWinder II armrest operates both tractor functions and precision farming applications, on just one screen. Boundary mapping, coverage mapping, data recording, precision application/prescriptions and more are controlled through the large color touchscreen monitor.


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