Cross Slot has designed a new single rank no-till toolbar for widths up to 50 feet.

Cross Slot Introduces Single Rank 35 Foot Tool BarA new 35-foot machine on 13 inch spacing fitted with Cross Slot openers is now working successfully in South Australia. The concept will work here in North America and lends itself to wide row spacing opportunities in the Midwest.

To fit the openers on a single rank requires the row spacing to be greater than 12 inches.  For example, a Midwest farmer planting soy beans on 15 inch spacing and corn on 30 inch spacing can set up a toolbar from 20-60 feet on 15 inch spacing to plant soy beans and then use a tap value setup to lock off every second opener to plant corn on 30 inch spacing.

Having everything on a single rank makes for easier turning in the field, reduces the overall weight of the machine thus requiring less horsepower and less fuel. The new design allows farmers to get the benefit of the Cross Slot openers without the expense associated with metering systems.

Cross Slot aims to provide superior emergence in both percentage of seeds emerging and faster emergence. This is achieved via the microenvironment created by placing the seed on a horizontal shelf along with the ability to band the fertilizer on the same shelf. The accelerated and strong healthy germination is achieved from the seed’s contact with the moist soil but also by the humidity that is trapped in the seed zone.

Click here to view video of this machine working.