Stalk Stryker, from A&I Products, knocks stocks over minimizing tire wear for all field equipment. Made from abrasion resistant steel, this 10-inch wide shoe assembly is designed to protect tires/tracks from stalks and other field debris. Using the Stalk Stryker also prevents soil erosion and promotes plant fiber breakdown. The Stalk Stryker levels corn stalks ahead of the combine, forcing the corn stubble to the ground before it has a chance to puncture or cause wear to tires or tracks.

The Stalk Stryker has eight points of angle/height adjustment to meet your field demands. The shoe assembly has a single pin mounting system for quick and easy removal and can be fitted with a poly liner for extended wear. Shoe assembly comes with a torsion spring for more consistent down pressure. The solid limiter bar reduces residue entanglement and trash buildup. The eight-point angle/height adjustment allows you to set down pressure to the desired header height.

Frame kits include all mounting brackets and hardware and fit John Deere 600 Series corn heads. Kits are available in multiple row options — 2, 4, and 6 or full row head options up to 18 rows. The frame kit has a telescoping/slide feature allowing for easier on/off header mounting. Note: This feature is not applicable to heads with 20- 22 inch row spacing.