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In March of 2012, Brikey’s Farm Store’s Henry, Ill. location completed its new 41,000-square-foot building, which sits on 17 acres. The new building was designed as a multi-propose building, keeping resale in mind, according to Jerry Read.

The facility includes a top-notch expo center that is used for customer clinics. Another unique feature is the wash bay, which can fit eight combines in it. The floor is sloped outward so all the water drains to the sides. Read says this makes it possible to clean two to three machines in a row without the sludge clogging up the grate. Since the floor is mostly flat, he says that keeps the floor drier since the plumbing isn’t directly under it. In addition, the mud on the floor can be scraped up at the end of the day.

Since the building was designed so it could accommodate a truck facility in the future if necessary, the mezzanine storage area has exceptionally high ceilings and accommodates large and slower moving parts. The floor is made of five inches of concrete and the area is used for harvest and tillage parts.

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