Soucy Track, a Canadian manufacturer of rubber tracks for farm vehicles, launched its brand new website on Thursday, October 20th. The company's recent successes at the international level confirm that the market is indeed hot. A revamped website is crucial to meeting the expectations and standards of today's users.

"The popularity of tracks has clearly been on the rise over the past few years, and we are looking to establish ourselves as the leader in this field. As the first company on the market to offer a website of this quality, we feel that we are taking a step in the right direction," says Eric Ellyson, General Manager of the Soucy Group.

The Drummondville company hopes to better inform its clientele as to which vehicles are compatible with its track systems through the website. "In order to get the best results, a track system must not in any way alter the tractor on which it is installed. All tractors have different designs, and in order to ensure optimum product quality, we must direct our research and development efforts to models that are a good fit for our tracks. We are therefore using this new website to inform consumers about which tractor models are compatible with tracks made by Soucy Track," explains AndreÌ? LeÌ?ger, Director of Engineering.

Other new features include the Distribution Network and Exhibitions sections. Some social media are also making an appearance on the new site.

You can visit the website at