Employees to Retain Jobs as Anderson Industries Expands Capabilities

Anderson Industries, a South Dakota based agricultural equipment manufacturer, has acquired the assets of All Service Manufacturing. Through the acquisition, Anderson Industries will be able to improve upon its service by increasing its capabilities.

"This acquisition will greatly add to our manufacturing capacity by adding valuable equipment to our operation, including lasers with an automatic plate loading system, additional CNC lathes and mills, press brakes, automated powdercoat line, a full tool room for fixtures, tooling, and short run parts, automated band saws, additional robot welders and numerous manual welders," said president, Kory Anderson.

For Anderson, the addition of skilled workers is as valuable as the new equipment. Anderson intends on keeping the 20 employees who worked at All Service Manufacturing, many of whom have more than 15 years of experience.

"Adding additional capacity and experience to our rapidly growing team is a very exciting expansion for our businesses."

Anderson Industries began operations in 2006 and currently have operations in Aberdeen, SD. There they do production welding, machining, and fabrication as well as manufacture their own line of agricultural products such as the Razor Opener, the Disc Leveler and the Torpedo Hitch.

The second location in Mapleton allows Anderson Industries to serve more customers, inventors and engineers in and around the Fargo-Grand Forks area.