Due to the rising prices of raw materials, Mitas (formerly CGS Tires US) has announced a price increase on all of its products. Mitas specializes in producing agricultural and industrial tires.

The increase will average 10%, and it will vary among products and markets. This round of price adjustments was already implemented for example in the United States, Eastern Europe and Russia in April; and it will be rolled out in the rest of Mitas’s markets, e.g. in Western Europe, in May. Tires made by Mitas are available in 95 countries and territories.

This price increase is in line with the increase of raw material prices.

Mitas specializes in producing agricultural and industrial tires.

Mitas/CGS Tyres is one of Europe’s leading producers of agricultural tires. Mitas manufactures and sells tires under three brand names: the company’s own Mitas and Cultor, and Continental under license. In addition, Mitas produces and distributes a wide range of Mitas-branded industrial and motorcycle tires. Mitas – a member of the tire division of CGS a.s. Holding – operates three production plants in the Czech Republic and one in Serbia, and maintains a global sales and distribution network. Currently, Mitas is building an agricultural tire plant in Charles City, Iowa.