Senninger Irrigation's UP3 pivot produt platform received recognition as the "most innovative new agricultural product of 2010" from the Irrigation Association at its annual international show, held in December in Phoenix, Arizona.

The new features of the UP3 (Universal Pivot Products Platform) design have been applied to the proven technologies of the i-Wob, Xi-Wob, LDN and Super Spray.
The easy-clean/easy-change nozzle affords the convenience of pinch and pull to remove the nozzle; place and click to re-install. There is no need to disassemble or remove the sprinkler. The UP3 nozzle sizes are easily identifiable with color-coding and embossing on the ears, including half sizes.
Each applicator has an integrated base and can be installed directly into a pressure regulator or onto a standard ¾ in. NPT female connection with no special threads or fittings required. This increases reliability and means fewer parts are required.
Senninger stands behind its products a warranty of two years on materials, workmanship and performance. The nozzles carry a five year warranty to retain orifice size.