Exhibition will feature numerous special events and activities of international scope in a friendly, business-like atmosphere conducive to exchanges among participants.

A global event for all agricultural sector participants – manufacturers, farmers, breeders, entrepreneurs, fruit and vegetable producers, wholesalers, distributors, importers and cooperatives, among others –, the next SIMA will be more than ever before a forum for international exchanges between participants in the agricultural industry, whether they be exhibitors (50% are expected to be from outside of France) or visitors (25% from over 100 different countries). The exhibition will feature numerous special events and activities of international scope in a friendly, business-like atmosphere conducive to exchanges among participants.

As the world’s only trade fair to simultaneously exhibit agricultural, breeding and sustainable energy equipment, SIMA aims to offer support and assistance to professionals looking for future-oriented solutions in the perspective of sustainable high-performance agriculture. Every other year, SIMA brings together some 1,300 exhibitors from nearly 40 countries, and draws almost 200,000 visitors from over 100 countries including 300 foreign delegations. This high level of international participation underscores the importance of this event, which is destined once again in 2011 to confirm its role as a global barometer of the profession.

An Indian pavilion and two Chinese pavilions, which will allow manufacturers from these countries to coordinate the exhibition of their equipment and their areas of expertise so as to facilitate their efforts to prospect for new customers and distributors. Moreover, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic are expected to confirm their participation in the next few weeks.

The PARIS 2011 AgriEvolution Conference, held for the first time in France. After Rome in 2008 and Orlando in 2010, the 3rd Worldwide Agricultural Equipment Summit organized by AXEMA (Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers’ Union) under the aegis of the CEMA (European Agricultural Machinery Committee) will be held on 20-21 February 2011 at SIMA. The objective of this event is to provide a relevant analysis of the Agricultural Equipment sector’s contribution to current global developments and challenges in agriculture. Some 250 distinguished guests – decision-makers and professionals from throughout the world (politicians, agricultural organizations, global manufacturers, etc.) –, will discuss two main topics: Agriculture and the Agricultural Equipment Industry worldwide.

The International Agricultural Forum, which will focus reflection on the challenges faced by the agriculture of the future and offer a forum for discussion, exchange of views and training. High points include: Thirty 20-minute workshops followed by 10 minutes of discussion, organized by the TRAME network and ADEME on the topic of agriculture and sustainable energy; a series of two-hour lectures on the main trends in the agricultural sector today presented by well-known experts in the field; four tours of innovative, efficient, sustainable farm enterprises; an exceptional lecture on the outcomes and conclusions of the international AgEng congress and the Ecotech symposium organized by CEMAGREF.? 

CLIMMAR: as always, CLIMMAR (International Liaison Centre for Agricultural Machinery Dealers and Repairers) will participate by organizing personalized appointments between exhibitors and European distribution networks.? 

Five countries in the spotlight: a new concept of SIMA 2011 – “5 countries/5 days” – will be structured around a programme of professional meetings for exhibitors. Conferences and panel discussions dealing with specific issues of the agricultural equipment market, genetics and finance will offer an opportunity to encourage genuine exchanges between the SIMA audience (exhibitors, visitors, organizations, etc.) and professionals from each country (unions, federations, organizations, etc.). India, Poland, China, the Ukraine and Romania will be the featured countries during the 2011 exhibition; this is a big first for Romania, which is participating in the exhibition for the first time. ? 

 For the first time also, a special offer is being set up in sub-Saharan Africa (Ghana, Benin, Ivory Coast, Senegal, etc.) as well as in Egypt where some ambitious agricultural projects are in the offing. Numerous campaigns have also been developed to promote the exhibition on the rest of the international scene. Over 45 countries are concerned; promotional events include press conferences and/or meetings with the objective of both recruiting new exhibitors and encouraging people to visit the exhibition.

And as always …? 

The Agri-Manager Tour, for the second year: some 30 large farm and breeding operations from major agricultural countries with substantial demand for farming equipment will meet for three days (21-23 February 2011) during a conference featuring exclusive, customized programming. The programme includes a guided tour of the exhibition with an expert on agricultural machinery, a half-day trip to the INRA (National Institute of Agronomic Research) in Versailles-Grignon, as well as lectures and debates on price volatility and the future development of agriculture in the world. Lastly, a visit is being organized to the Quaak brothers’ farm, a mixed cropping/breeding facility located 60 km from Paris engaged in sustainable development, which has just developed a photovoltaic electricity production system and is embarking on an anaerobic digestion project. The Quaak brothers’ farm will be the first agricultural enterprise in France to deliver biogas to the national network.

Country overview with UBI France: meetings between exhibitors and representatives of countries with sales potential (Mexico – Kazakhstan), designed to provide an overview of recent developments and the outlook for these countries. 

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