An Australian innovation now available to American farmers (represented by Hood & Company) is Kelly Engineering’s Disc Mulching range of Chains. Designed initially for managing stubble residue, the disc chains are now used for everything from primary tillage to planting poppies.

The mulching chains are used with the primary aim of returning crop residue to the soil. They roll down stubble and chop and split it into smaller lengths allowing weathering and microbial breakdown to accelerate.

In the right soil types, the mulching chains can cut up to 100% of weeds. The cost efficiency of this operation means that integrated weed management incorporating a full cut is once again a realistic proposition.

The chains also perform a valuable role in preparing a seedbed in fields that have been plowed and left cloddy and rough.

Air Seeder kits for small seeds or coarse grains have been fitted and used to great effect. Large areas can be covered in a day very efficiently. Maximum use can be made of moisture establishing crops at optimum times to enhance yield potential.

DISC CHAIN—The mulching chains are made from heavy chain with plates welded to each link to form a gang of discs. The plate is hard wearing and heat treated for toughness and abrasion resistance. Concave discs make the chain aggressive and self sharpening while adding strength to the plates.

FRAME—High grade RHS and plate are combined to produce a strong and durable frame. Sections include 150x100 RHS in 5 and 6 mm wall thickness. Over 70 different Profile and Laser cut plates are used to give strength, functionality and a professional appearance. The rugged and reliable frames have been strengthened and improved to withstand the extra stresses encountered with the Disc Chain.

WHEELS—All new parts are used on our machines, including the tires. The larger models, 50 & 60 run on15.5/80x24 lug tires. The huge diameter gives a smooth and bounce free ride, minimal soil compaction and 12 plys of puncture resistance.

The 40 and 45 models run on 12.5/80x18 lug tires. These tough wheels are also supplied as 12 plys. The wheel centers are heavy duty to withstand the to and fro work of Controlled Traffic farming.

HYDRAULIC FOLD—Folding totally from tractor seat - user friendly.

All Models use two pairs of 1/2” ISO standard hydraulic couplings. Larger models incorporate a multi stage sequence valve to manage the folding and unfolding operations. The sequence valve has been upgraded to allow lower operating pressures and greater lifting capacity.

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