A Mount Pleasant tractor plant that lost part of its roof when a tornado touched down nearby Tuesday remained closed Wednesday, a company spokesman said.

Contractors were able to go onto the building's roof for a short time Tuesday but had to come back down because of high winds and weren't able to complete a damage assessment, spokesman Jason Lusk said.

About 600 employees were inside the Case IH plant at 700 Durand Ave. when the tornado touched down just before 8 a.m. Tuesday, tearing off a 100 foot by 200-foot section of the building's metal roof. Two employees suffered minor injuries.

It shouldn't take long to repair the roof, but the company won't have an accurate idea of exactly how long the work will take until contractors can get a good look at the damage, Lusk said.

"It's our hope to get partial production going as soon as possible, but at this point, until we can get those contractors back up on the roof, we just don't know," he said.

Power cannot be restored to the facility until it is made weather-tight, Lusk said.

The company will update its employees on the situation later Wednesday, Lusk said. The company "will honor its contractual obligations to its employees" while the plant is offline, he said.