Unique design of vertical tillage implement leads to recognition of RTS's one of a kind status.

Salford Farm Machinery, an international producer of cutting-edge tillage and seeding equipment, is pleased to announce a patent on the many features of their RTS - Residue Tillage Specialist.

Introduced in 2003, the RTS vertical tillage tool has become renowned for its speed, residue management and seedbed finishing. The new RTS patent covers most of the features that make the tool so efficient and durable.

"Our patented technology sets us apart from other vertical tillage manufactures," says Geof Gray, Salford general manager. "The RTS answers a difficult question — how do you apply tillage to no-till operations? We soon discovered the RTS was capable of far more than we imagined."

The RTS is known for its wide range of uses thought the year. In the spring, it creates warm, dry seedbeds. In the fall, the RTS manages crop residue to improve soil's chemical balance and organic matter.

"This patent simply proves what we've known all along," says Jim Danielsen, Salford national sales manager. "No other tool matches the RTS's capabilities."

Today, the RTS represents a complete family of vertical tillage equipment. The RTS NH3 is fitted with fertilizer attachments or can operate as a chisel plow. The RTS XT (Extreme)* is equipped with individually mounted 20" concave disc blades and is one of the most aggressive vertical tillage tools on the market today.

* The RTS XT is patent pending.

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