CNH and Kamaz deliver the first fleet of combine harvesters manufactured at the recently formed industrial joint venture's Naberezhnye Chelny plant in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia.

New Holland Agriculture distributor Zapsibhlebproduct delivered this week the first fleet of 20 New Holland Agriculture CSX7080 combine harvesters to leave the assembly line at the Naberezhnye Chelny plant, manufacturing base of the industrial joint venture between CNH Global NV and OJSC KAMAZ. The machines were purchased by two large farms in the Krasnoyarsk territory.

ZAO Nazarovskoje, one of the leading farms in the Russian Federation, took delivery of 15 CSX7080 combine harvesters. With 65,000 hectares, this farm located in Stepnoj, Nazarovskij region, devotes half of its arable land to crops such as maize and rape and the rest to animal husbandry, with 50,000 pigs and 18,000 cattle. Isaev Valerij Andreevich, owner and General Director of ZAO Nazarovskoje, commented: "I am very excited about the new equipment and I can't wait to see the machines at work in our fields. We bought our first New Holland machine -- a T9060 tractor -- last year and have been so delighted with it and with the service support from Zapsibhlebproduct, that we have decided to stay with the brand for the purchase of our new fleet of combines."

The remaining five CSX7080 combines were delivered to ZAO Solgonskoje, in Solgon, Uzurskij region, which already runs a fleet of five New Holland tractors and a FR9060 forage harvester. This 29,000-hectare farm focuses mainly on growing cereals, and dedicates a quarter of its arable land to animal husbandry, with 10,000 heads of cattle.

The CSX7080 is the ideal choice for mixed farms such as ZAO Nazarovskoje and ZAO Solgonskoje that need a high capacity combine harvester equipped with advanced technology in an affordable package. With their new combines they can count on the best and most effective harvesting solution in all crops, conditions and terrains. The CSX7080 is equipped with New Holland's four-drum technology -- threshing drum with Opti-Thresh(TM) concave, beater, Multi-Thresh(TM) Rotary Separator, and Straw Flow(TM) beater. This highly versatile system guarantees high throughput with no compromise in kernel and straw quality. The CSX7080 also features the best combine cab in this segment, a component built around the operator's need to be at the very heart of the combine's operation, with full control for top performance. With a 300 hp fuel-efficient FPT Cursor 9 Common Rail Tier III compliant engine, the CSX7080 is ideally suited to tough harvest conditions, harvesting up to 600-1000 hectares per season depending on the average yields.

Roberto Valfre, General Manager of the CNH-KAMAZ Commercial joint venture, stated: "Russian farming is going through a difficult time. The country is experiencing the worst drought in nearly 40 years and, on the financial front, credit remains difficult to obtain. In spite of this, farmers are investing in equipment to achieve the higher levels of efficiency required in today's economic climate and place their businesses in the best position to succeed -- and they are choosing New Holland for the quality of the equipment and the support they receive from us. This growing interest in our equipment was the driver for localizing production in Russia, so that we could be closer to our customers. Today, with the first deliveries taking place, our decision has become a reality and from now on our Russian customers will be able to purchase locally made and supported New Holland equipment."