Valtra and AGCO Sisu Power have been testing a biogas and diesel dual fuelled N101. The prototype sources 70-80% of its 110hp from biogas.

This is similar to the Lisa Fuel Systems set-up being tested by Dutch John Deere dealer Kraakman on a 6920. Case IH and Steyr have also been testing a gas power tractor too.

The prototype Valtra uses a conventional diesel engine with 170 litres of gas stored in tanks, which at 200 bar pressure is equal to 30 litres of diesel, enough for three to four hours work. The system relies on a two stage injection sequence with the gas going in first. As it is compressed and in cylinder temperatures rise the small amount of diesel is injected to give the bang.

Jari Rautjärvi, Valtra’s managing director points out that both the diesel and gas injection systems have their own electronically controlled common rail, which allows the ratio between the diesel and biogas to be optimized.

“The development of the biogas tractor and generator demonstrates the desire of AGCO to create solutions that allow renewable natural resources to be utilized efficiently,” says Martin Richenhagen, AGCO chairman, president and chief executive officer. “The new concept tractor is a great example to show how biodegradable fuels and biodiesel fuels can be put to work in real-world applications,”

The test tractor was built by Valtra in collaboration with Afcon Oy, Alt-Control Oy, RAP Clean Air Systems, Turku University of Applied Sciences and Ecocat Group. AGCO Sisu Power has also been involved in the project and has also developed a dual fuel powered generator which will be shown at the Borgeby Fältdagar arable event in Sweden later this month.

As for the future the plan is to continue testing the tractor in the field in Skåne with the biogas and diesel power engine being developed further under lab conditions.