Thurston Manufacturing Co., manufacturer of BLU-JET products, continues to see interest in its 90-foot liquid injection applicator.

The BLU-JET AT7000 Commercial Class Liquid Injection Applicator features a 7-section folding toolbar to match 30- and 20-inch row spacings at both 60- and 90-foot swath widths.

A 3,100 gallon tank mounted on high-flotation tracks is designed to maximize the number of acres applied between fills while minimizing compaction effects on the soil.

The BLU-JET AT7000 features the ability to switch the toolbar from 90- to 60-foot swath width operations by folding up the outer wings, shutting off the outer sections and recalculating the electronic flow control system for the new width.

"Our custom application customers find added value in being able to match 60- and 90-foot planters with the same applicator," said Nick Jensen, vice president of marketing at Thurston Manufacturing Co. The toolbar also has a gull wing lift system, which allows for better crop clearance when turning around.

According to Jensen, transport issues were a primary concern during the design phase. "It does no good to introduce a 90-foot liquid applicator if your customers can't get it from field to field", he said. Rearward folding primary wings allow the AT7000 to fold to an overall width of 17 feet, 10 inches and an overall height of 11 feet, 6 inches.

The rearward fold also redistributes weight, making the applicator more evenly balanced for transport. Like most BLU-JET products, the AT7000 comes with a 5-year limited frame warranty.

For additional information on the BLU-JET AT7000 Commercial Class Liquid Injection Applicator, send an e-mail to Nick Jensen at