After two exceptional selling seasons for North American ag machinery, Ag Equipment Intelligence’s survey of farm equipment dealers show that the outlook for sales in 2010 isn’t quite as clear cut as it was for past couple of years. Despite all that’s gone on with the U.S. economy, equipment dealers are confident that sales revenues will come in at healthy levels in 2010 — not as good as 2008 or 2009, but a pretty good year is the offing.

Farm Equipment and Ag Equipment Intelligence executive editor Dave Kanicki will analyze the data from the 2010 Business Trends & Outlook survey during a special “Preview Day” session at 2 PM on Tuesday January 12 at AEM’s Ag Connect Expo in Orlando, Fla. Attendance to the session is by special admission only.

More than 300 North American farm equipment dealers participated in the annual survey.

In addition to national and regional trends for equipment sales revenue for 2010, the presentation will also breakdown how dealers view the top equipment prospects for increasing sales during the coming year. It will also look at the confidence levels of dealers by major equipment brand and dealership size.

The session will also include the first look at the 2010 Rural Lifestyle Forecast based on a December 2009 dealer survey.

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