The 50 Series Cuts the Ear Off Cleanly, Reducing Header Loss

The new Oxbo 50 Series cornhead has been designed to be “easy on the ears.” While most conventional cornheads tear the ears from the stalk, the 50 Series cuts the ear off cleanly, reducing header loss. The difference is better grain recovery on every acre.

Rubber gathering belts are one key to the exclusive Soft Touch technology incorporated into Oxbo 50 Series cornheads. The deep lugged, durable rubber belts are the gentlest solution for harvesting, but the cornhead is also available with gathering chains.

The 50 Series cornhead has been field-proven in the most demanding harvest conditions and has been built to perform in industries where downtime is not an option.

Oxbo’s knife roll design provides a clean cut and exceptional residue management. The knife rolls deliver unmatched stalk flow, unique straight pull-down engagement, and unparalleled stalk conditioning resulting in higher corn recovery, less trash, and efficient material flow in all conditions.

Each 50 Series cornhead utilizes Oxbo's patented hydraulically adjusted, beveled stripper plates that remain centered over the knife rolls — promoting straight down stalk flow, gentle ear removal and less plugging. The combination of these features cut the ear cleanly off the stalk and minimize trash and ear damage.

The rugged gearbox has been designed for durability and easy access for routine maintenance.

Oxbo's new 50 Series cornhead has been specifically designed to surpass all other heads on the market for corn recovery and durability. For more information, send an e-mail to