Art's Way Manufacturing Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of niche agricultural machinery, equipment and services, has announced the company has increased the size of their manufacturing facility in Armstrong, IA by over 9,000 sq. ft. The new space will house raw materials, pieces and parts used for manufacturing small run and seasonal farm equipment, clearing the production floor and manufacturing lines for a more efficient operation of products that are currently being produced.

The Company has also added warehouse space in Bath, New York to distribute the Miller Pro line. In 2008, the Miller Pro line did $ 2.8 million in sales to the Northeast and East Coast. This warehouse space, in a key market area, will allow the Company to ship full truckloads on the long haul eastbound, making Art's Way more competitive from a total cost-to-dealer perspective.

J. Ward McConnell, Jr., Executive Chairman of the Board, said, "From our beginning, we have manufactured quality, reliable farm machinery and were dedicated to customer service. Today, in this economic turbulent period, our differentiator is customer service. To better serve our customers, we added space to accommodate the increasing demand for small run, seasonal equipment, while clearing the production lines for 'current build' products. We are now in a position to respond quickly to those seasonal customer demands without disrupting the flow of our current build products.

"With the warehouse space added in the Northeast, we can now have standing inventory on-hand for the dealers to pull from which should unquestionably help sales, revenue and customers service.

"With the Company's manufacturing strength, the skill of our employees and our dedication to customer service, I am confident we will continue respond to our customers specific needs and drive growth quarter after quarter."