Yetter Farm Equipment and Fast Ag Solutions have collaborated on the creation of a new 24-row, 30" strip-till toolbar — the Fast DuraPlacer with Yetter Strip Freshener CC's.

"The goal is to offer a production model strip-till machine designed to match 24-row planters and create the ideal seed-growing environment while managing residue and placing liquid or dry fertilizer near the seed," says Andy Thompson, A.O.R. manager for Yetter. "The Yetter Strip Freshener CC row units have been very successful achieving these results for many farmers, but now we will be able to offer them on a 24-row toolbar to match the common 24-row planters. With the ability to cover between 50-60 acres per hour utilizing a 350 hp tractor, this machine will increase efficiency for many farmers." 

No release date has been set, but Thompson expects the new toolbar to hit the market at some point this summer.

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