J&M Manufacturing has won a 2023 Gold manus award with its Para-Linkage coulter design on their NitroGro applicators, according to an April 23 report from Ohio Country Journal. It is the first U.S. design to win a manus award.

The Para-Linkage coulter is "designed to keep the applicator knives consistently in the ground while going over rocks and hard soil." The coulter uses greaseless poly-bushings to reduce maintenance and fatigue.

“It does not take long to convince customers of the savings. Poly and greaseless bearings are becoming more common in the agricultural field. Farmers understand how much savings are involved in reduced time and maintenance. We have had no problems selling these. This is the second full year of offering them, and over 95% of the coulters we sold are the Para-Linkage coulter,” said Austin Franz, engineer of the Para-Linkage coulter.

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