Fast Facts

Customer Segment: The system is currently meant to work with corn, beans and cotton with plans to incorporate wheat, canola, barley and peanuts soon. 

Key Selling Point: Product will help save time in the field and put money back in farmers’ pockets by helping them control harvest loss. 

Farmwave is an autonomous harvest loss system that involves 2 cameras mounted on the back of the header and one on the rear of the combine to count grain and come up with numbers that equate to losses in harvest.

“It’s counting grain and counting these losses in real time 140 times an acre without stopping,” says Craig Ganssle, founder and CEO of Farmwave. 

The cameras in the back of the header are pointed at the ground and the camera on the rear of the machine is typically mounted on the axle pointed upward. The system computes the math and comes up with a number for how many bushels per acre a grower is losing and where that loss is coming from on the machine. 

“If you make an adjustment to minimize that loss, you then get to see the results immediately, without stopping again to get out and see if what you did actually worked,” Ganssle says. “Our customers are seeing a 3-8 more bushel per acre increase in corn and beans that equates to anywhere from $70,000-$90,000 in additional retained grain depending on the amount of acres that you harvest.”