Inflation, Interest Rates, Instability – everything in the news makes your immediate financial future feel like a gamble. Gambling has never been a good way to run your dealership, even when you have been on a 3 year winning streak!

In this webinar, professionals from Pinion (formerly known as KCoe Isom) will help you understand what equipment dealers can expect for an economic forecast for 2023 and beyond to know you have the best odds possible to continue the winning streak! 

Ag Dealerships will benefit from hearing Pinion’s insights on the current climate for your customers – what is going to happen with the housing industry, the general economy, the Ag economy including commodities and production, price expectations, and government programs/Farm Bill expectations. That information along with Pinion’s insights on the current climate for your dealership will help you use information rather than luck to head into the next few years. 

Email Kim Schmidt at Farm Equipment with any questions about the webinar.

About the Speakers

Marc Johnson

Marc Johnson proactively counsels business owners on financial and tax matters in order to position them well for growth and business succession. He works primarily with equipment dealerships throughout the United States, and has for over 20 years. Working with dealers’ teams through decades of dramatic change, he enjoys helping as they grow in size, complexity, and value. He delivers operational and strategic planning that encompasses tax, estate, and succession considerations, as well as counseling through and merger and acquisition opportunities and transactions.

Brian Holder

Brian Holder is the manager of the firm’s Ag Marketing Consulting. He has over 10 years of experience serving agricultural producers and end users with results-driven merchandising solutions.

Brian provides specialized marketing and sales advice for agricultural producers and merchants. His expertise is in business management and marketing, but he also has specialized knowledge of commodity market trading and hedging.

Brian provides unique business solutions to overcome the challenge, risk and emotion associated with grain and livestock marketing. He is adept at strategy that provides marketing solutions that allow growers to focus their efforts on production.