The multi-media team at ag publisher Lessiter Media has announced a new ongoing documentary-style video series on the unique stories of independent farm equipment manufacturers. Titled “How We Did It: Stories from Independent Innovators,” the new series culminates nearly 5 years of “oral history” research to chronicle the stories of dozens of farm equipment pioneers in what has increasingly become a big business dominated by the major manufacturers.

“It’s important that the farm equipment industry understands the individuals and situations of those who made the farm equipment business what it is today,” says Mike Lessiter, who has covered the farm equipment business since 2004. “Particularly with the recent passings of several of the shortline industry’s pioneers, we wanted to bring these stories to life – in the entrepreneurs’ own words, memories and expressions. In sharing the trials and tribulations of those who’ve gone before, the series will provide meaning, and inspiration, to farmers, dealers and manufacturers alike.”

The first episode (Part 1 of 2) features Lessiter’s interview with second-generation entrepreneur Steve Martin of Kentucky-based equipment manufacturer Martin-Till, and includes footage of founder Howard Martin as well.

The series includes 15-minute vignettes on some of the most influential entrepreneurs to impact farmers in North America — and worldwide. Visit this link to be notified as the newest episodes are released.