Milwaukee Tool's M18 FUEL HATCHET 8 Inch Pruning Saw delivers increased access and control, with the power to cut hardwoods, and is the fastest cutting pruning saw. Weighing less than 5 pounds without a battery and featuring a compact design, the M18 FUEL HATCHET offers increased access and control in tight spaces compared to full-size chainsaw solutions. The Saw’s advanced ergonomics and optimized design increases control and maneuverability in application.

The POWERSTATE Brushless Motor delivers the power to cut through hardwoods without bogging down to complete demanding applications. M18 FUEL technology allows users to cut faster than their current preferred solution of 25cc gas pruning saws, driving efficiency and productivity on the job.

The advanced electronic package enables the saw to reach full throttle in under 1 second with a single trigger pull, eliminating the hassle of pull-starting a gas saw in aerial cutting applications. The M18 FUEL HATCHET also eliminates common gas frustrations such as loud noise, emissions, engine maintenance and mixing gas and oil.

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