The Farmada Elxir 66-7HD Fertilizer Toolbar is a seven-section triple fold machine available in 24, 25 and 26-row configurations at 30 inch row spacing. The 6 x 6 inch frames are made of 0.5 inch tubing on the center section and 0.375 inch tubing on the wings.

The tire and frame design allows flexibility of 22 feet of vertical travel from outside wing to outside wing on a 24-row unit while knifing fertilizer 8 inches deep. The parallel dual transport tires are mounted on oscillating axles, providing in-field performance of tandems and stable road transport with reduced wear on crowned roads. The in-frame high flotation tires on the main wings reduces risk of axle damage wing tandem designs experience and shorten the coulter to shank distance front to back. This shortening reduces tractor jerking as shanks travel closer together at more equal depth when going over undulations and leads to less gassing out for improved row to row shank and knife accuracy.

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