ProPulse's 100R18 Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hose is 40 to 60% lighter compared to a rubber hose and provides abrasion and UV- and ozone-resistance. The 100R18 hose has a tight bend radius with high flexibility. Thermoplastic is extremely long-lasting in a variety of environmental conditions which would typically cause a rubber hose to degrade. Per SAE guidelines, the shelf life of a thermoplastic hose is considered to be unlimited.

ProPulse Thermoplastic Hoses are manufactured without a mandrel that would limit the Hose's length and risk contamination. ProPulse Thermoplastic Hoses are made using all virgin material, so contamination is nearly nonexistent.

100R18 Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hose comes in sizes from 0.125-0.5 inches with a working pressure of 3,045 psi.

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