Designed to reset the soil profile, the Great Plains VT1500 Sub-Soiler breaks through yield-robbing soil compaction layers, leaving behind a uniform soil density with minimal topsoil disturbance and little residue burial.

For improved performance in rocky conditions, the Sub-Soiler is available with high-protection trip pack auto-reset shanks. This shank mount trips at 2,000 pounds to enhance performance and reduce shear bolt breakage in rocky conditions. The Sub-Soiler is also offered with an auto-reset shank option with 3,000 pounds of trip force or an economical shear-bolt mount option for lighter soil conditions and obstructions.

Offered in both rigid and folding configurations, the VT1500 Sub-Soiler can be customized for each operation’s specific needs, offering multiple shank spacing options, along with a choice of shank styles, mounts and points.

To extend performance life and reduce replacement costs, all point and shin options are manufactured from a hardened chrome alloy to extend the life of the points and reduce potential breakage of the shins.

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