Fast Facts

Customer Segment: Ideal for farmers interested in optimized yield, any farm size 

Key Selling Point: Reduced operator fatigue, predictive maintenance, improved safety

As described by David Young, director of engineering at HCC, the SieveSense is a hyper-accurate louver sensor that enables automatic cleaning shoe adjustments. It uses closed loop sensing technology that monitors crop conditions, terrain environments and cleaning shoe loading conditions.

When using the SieveSense, the combine operator adjusts their sieve once, after which the SieveSense auto adjusts using a feedback control loop. Young says the SieveSense allows the operator to have a “set and forget” experience, not worrying about heavy crop forcing the sieve closed.

“Anybody interested in optimized yield would benefit from SieveSense. That could be anyone from a small farmer, all the way to your very large farmers who farm thousands of acres,” says Young.

However, the product may be more beneficial for farmers with advanced technology combines with modern controls rather than those with older combines. 

Young breaks down the benefits of the SieveSense in 3 categories: 

  • Maximize efficiency — the operator of the combine does not need to adjust the louvers frequently, which reduces operator fatigue. 
  • Productivity — the SieveSense accounts for any factor that may affect the louver, including terrain, crop, condition and moisture.
  • Predictive Maintenance —The Sieve Sense utilizes an internal accelerometer to flag irregularities which cuts down on expensive repairs and wasted time. 

Young clarified the company had not yet decided if the SieveSense would move to a dealer distribution model or would be marketed directly to OEMs.