Felling Trailers' Air Tilt Trailers features a fixed approach ramp, which measures 22 inches. The design offers a shallower approach angle to improve loading of compact construction equipment such as skid steers and mini excavators and provides a better load angle with a more subtle break-over point. It allows for the option of full-size oval recessed strobe lights.

The Air Tilt’s unique design utilizes air, powered from the tow vehicle, to tilt the trailer and optional ramps, eliminating the need for hydraulics. The air power from the tow vehicle fills two airbags (four airbags optional), which then raise the trailer smoothly; the airbag will then keep the deck in the tilted position to allow for loading/unloading of multiple pieces of equipment. Superior towing capability and balance were achieved by placing the axles further back on the Air Tilt model than other tilt trailers on the market.

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