John Deere offers the 9500 model to its lineup; changing to more powerful 18.0 liter John Deere 18X engine for the 9500 and 9600 models and making other changes to boost its 9000 Series SPFH lineup. The 9500 has a rated power of 690 horsepower and a HarvestMotion Plus rating of 755 horsepower, generated by the inline 6-cylinder 18.0 liter John Deere 18X engine that does not require DEF. In addition, the 18.0 liter engine has a long 750-hour service interval and a 33% lower oil cost compared to the previous 13.5 liter engine and reduced total fluid consumption by 10% to 13%.

All MY22 9600 forage harvesters will feature the 18.0 liter engines with HarvestMotion Plus, which will boost their horsepower and performance with rated power of 740 horsepower and a max power rating of 775 horsepower, significantly higher than the previous 9600 model.

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