Deere & Co. has acquired AgriSync, the customer service platform for agriculture business and equipment dealers. 

AgriSync will be expanding ExpertConnect, the Deere-branded version of its ticketing and remote support service, moving forward, according to a customer FAQ page on AgriSync’s website. Deere has had a business relationship with AgriSync since 2018, and the two companies partnered to release the Deere-specific version of the platform as ExpertConnect in 2021. 

A Deere spokesperson says the majority of AgriSync’s customer base is John Deere and John Deere dealers. All Deere dealers will be able to use the Deere-branded version of AgriSync going forward. The spokesperson did not comment on pricing or pricing structure. The ExpertConnect website lists a standard site license at $100 per month per store.

“The AgriSync team and their Deere digital service solution, ExpertConnect, further enhances John Deere and the John Deere dealer ability to deliver a consistent digital customer service experience,” says Denver Caldwell, director of aftermarket and customer support at John Deere. “As machines get smarter, Expert Connect will continue to improve service responsiveness to help customers maximize uptime during their critical operations throughout the year.”

As for AgriSync’s current customers who are not Deere dealers, their service with AgriSync is ending as the AgriSync brand and services will eventually sunset. The Deere spokesperson said Deere is working with these customers to transition them from AgriSync, and the transition is expected to take place during the first half of 2022. Timing is contract dependent.  

Non-Deere account administrators will receive an email with specific guidance about the acquisition’s impact on their account. A non-Deere dealer told Precision Farming Dealer that their employees will no longer be able to use AgriSync’s services starting in January. 

AgriSync users can export customer data and can request a transfer of their public VoiceHub numbers to another provider. Detailed instructions are here. Deere & Company will not access or use any customer data. All customer data will be deleted 30 days after the subscription terminates or expires. 

Dealers can submit additional questions about the acquisition to this form

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