Antonio Carraro's SRX Hybrid is an environmentally friendly compact tractor equipped with all the comforts of a traditional tractor. It is a tractor with a 55kW combustion engine (3 cylinders; 1,861cc; fluid cooled; Common Rail Turbo Intercooler fuel injection system) combined with a 20kW electric motor, for a total of 75kW, equal to 102 hp. The architecture of the hybrid-electric system makes it possible to exploit the available power of a diesel engine combined with an electric drive system, guaranteeing continuous traction when working with the PTO, during transportation and in material handling works.

Thanks to the combination of diesel/electric torque, the tractor offers excellent starting performance and continued performance when working with specific equipment such as sprayers, cutters and trailers. The compact configuration and weight distribution, even with the hybrid drive system, guarantee maximum stability of the hybrid tractor even on the roughest terrain, remaining steady and safe.

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