A report by the Wall Street Journal’s Bob Tita was released online on the afternoon of November 16. The article explains the changes to John Deere’s latest (November 12) offer to the UAW, which will be voted on by on-strike employees on Wednesday November 17.

The article (which referenced a summary of the offer received by union employees) states that Deere’s new offer raises base productivity pay 4%. Wage increases, bonuses and improvements in pension funding are unchanged, say the employees contacted by WSJ.

WSJ reports that about 66% of UAW-represented Deere workers receive production-based compensation. The new proposal increases the baseline for workers in the program from a current 115% level of their weekly pay to 120%. This means Deere expects employees to routinely earn 20% more than their regular weekly through higher output, writes Tita.

The latest offer would also distribute eligible funds quarterly vs. the current semiannual schedule and includes provisions for less frequent goal changing as well as supply chain issues. 

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