High Point, N.C. — At its launch event today, DFS Solutions introduced the Certfied Commercial Finance Managers Association (“CCFMA”). “The CCFMA will serve not only as the governing body for CCFMs but will also provide comprehensive education programs to help those in our profession meet the highest standards in terms of knowledge, service excellence, and integrity,” said Toby Gelinas, Executive Vice President of DFS Solutions.

Defining Standards for Commercial Finance Managers

The CCFMA’s mission is to provide consistent standards for the commercial finance industry by establishing the benchmark for education, oversight, and a code of ethics. “Commercial equipment dealers often struggle to find staff qualified to provide their customers with the financial solutions they need buy their equipment,” says Gelinas. “When you hire a CCFM, you know you’re getting someone who has demonstrated the ability to run your finance department”.

A Rigorous Curriculum

The CCFMA offers a variety of courses for both existing commercial finance managers who wish to perfect their skills as well as individuals wishing to start a career in commercial finance.

Courses normally take 12 weeks part-6me, and the curriculum includes:

  • Commercial Credit
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Lender Management
  • Sales Financing
  • Service and Communica6on
  • Selling Money
  • Value-Add Products
  • Documenta6on and Delivery
  • Legal
  • Performance Reporting

Providing Oversight and Accountability

The CCFMA also handles any disciplinary issues with its members. “Just like other regulatory body, we want to hear if one of our members doesn’t meet the standards of our organization,” says Gelinas. Members found to be in viola6on of the CCFMA’s Code of Conduct will be immediately stripped of their designation.

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