Pöttinger's Impress 3000 Round Baler's central element is the completely new binding unit. The feed and tension of the binding material is now regulated from outside the baling chamber, not by the core of the bale. This means that rolls of material can be be used regardless of the condition of the core. The maximum width of the binding material is 1,400 millimeters. The baler can be equipped for film and film binding using a tail binding unit. The roller is no longer braked electrically, but hydraulically. The settings for net and foil are saved separately. If frequent changes are made between net and film, a second binding roll holder can be ordered. There is then no need to remove the heavy roll and only the new material needs to be threaded in.

An optional loading system now supports the operator when changing the roll. An optional LED lighting package for all PRO models ensures optimum illumination of areas such as the pick-up and bale ejector and wrapper platform. LED strips with switches are installed under the side panels for maintenance work and changing rolls of film etc. The machine can now be cleaned quickly using compressed air using an optional hose reel with air supplied from the air brake system through an overflow valve.

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