The John Deere 9500 has a rated power of 690 horsepower and a HarvestMotion Plus rating of 755 horsepower, generated by the inline 6-cylinder 18.0 liter John Deere 18X engine that does not require DEF. In addition, the 18.0 liter engine has a long 750 hour service interval and a 33% lower oil cost compared to the previous 13.5 liter engine and reduced total fluid consumption by 10% to 13%. All MY22 9600 forage harvesters will feature the 18.0 liter engines with HarvestMotion Plus, which will boost their horsepower and performance with rated power of 740 horsepower and a max power rating of 775 horsepower, significantly higher than the previous 9600 model.

A spout redesign will improve crop flow and operator visibility while enhancing control during unloading. The redesign includes additional cleanouts, new hydraulic spout flap to give operators precise control during unloading, and four spout configuration options, including 8- and 10-row rigid, 12-row rigid and 12-row folding spouts.

When ordered guidance ready, AutoTrac RowSense can be field activated to keep the machine in the right row, regardless of conditions, and helps maximize time in the field by improving harvest efficiency and yield quality while reducing operator fatigue.

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