The DDI Air Ramp System on Felling Trailers' FT-20 I and FT-24 I Trailers operates via an airbag system that works off the same supply as the air brake system. Thus, any air-brake-equipped truck can operate a Felling Trailer equipped with air ramps without any other external power source (e.g., battery, gas engine, or truck-powered hydraulic system). The air power mechanism is like those used on larger capacity trailers but scaled to a lighter duty cycle for the lower capacity trailer and ramps. The air ramp system does the lifting for you, flip the switch, and the air ramp system will raise or lower the ramps.

Unique to the DDI’s air ramp operation is the slider track system that works in unison with the ramps pivoting as they are raised or lowered. The design of the slider track allows the ramps to move laterally along the trailer's full-width. This lateral movement provides operators the flexibility to change the placement of the ramps based on the equipment they are transporting. For example, if loading a horizontal directional drill, an operator can slide the ramps to one side to load/unload, then move apart to load/unload a skid steer or compact loader.

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