Continental's CompactMaster Ag Tire is designed for telehandlers and skid-steer loaders. It is the first to be designed with a Turtle Shield tread layer and twisted steel belt to help prevent cuts and damage, while offering greater stability for materials handling work. The wider tread and lug widths have been specifically designed to offer better traction on a variety of surfaces and improve the self-cleaning properties of the tire.

The CompactMaster Ag Tire is capable of operating at speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour. The twisted steel belt provides a robust yet flexible tire that can run at higher pressures on the road to enhance fuel efficiency and lower pressures in the yard or field when carrying heavy loads.

Compared to a standard agricultural tire pattern, the lug design of the CompactMaster AG Tire provides 5% more surface area. This lug design further enhances grip and also contributes to the tire wearing more evenly, which can improve the hours and mileage the tire will deliver.

Continental CompactMaster AG tires are available for 24 inch wheels, size 460/70R24 159B.

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