DULUTH, GA – AGCO Corp. and SA Service Agricole, announced last month the construction of the dealer’s new facility in Sainte-Marie, Que. The expansion will leverage AGCO’s cutting-edge Galvanize design concept to highlight AGCO’s engaging Fendt Customer Support Center model, provide greater workspace for staff members and convey a modern, professional and inviting experience for customers. Construction on the new 40,000-square-foot building began in May and is expected to be completed for a grand opening in November 2021.

Service Agricole (SA) is one of AGCO’s rapidly growing dealerships and is among the largest of its North American Fendt sales and service providers. SA consists of 5 locations across Canada’s farm-rich Quebec province and has served the area’s farmers since 1974. The existing Sainte-Marie location was acquired in 2015, and its significant growth has been accommodated by multiple buildings that currently house its sales, service, parts, administrative and other teams. The new facility, which will be located at 1160 Rue 2 du Parc Industriel, will not only bring all the groups under one roof, but will also be more prominently and conveniently located for customers interested in the Fendt experience and other equipment lines, including those of Massey Ferguson.

Agricole expansion interior

“We are very excited about this new facility and what it will mean for our customers and employees,” said Gilles Lafaille, SA Service Agricole’s controller. “The design concept will provide a beautiful and spacious environment that will bring together everyone in ways that will enhance communication, facilitate teamwork, and inspire new solutions to meet today’s farming challenges.”

AGCO’s Galvanize dealership design concept conveys Fendt’s strong brand image and reflects its new strategies, forward-leaning technologies, and award-winning equipment. The design provides open environments and greater visibility of dealerships’ functional areas for complete and inclusive customer experiences. Galvanize can be customized for use in greenfield projects, like SA’s new Fendt facility, or in existing buildings for dramatically modern transformations. AGCO provides design assistance for dealers upgrading their facilities to the format’s style and functionality.

Service Agricole worked closely with AGCO and the design team to ensure that the concept was implemented to meet the expansion’s most crucial goals. "Keeping an open mind when embarking on the design of a new dealership ensures all aspects of both the operational needs and customer experience are explored,” said Corbin Pulliam, studio principal, Corbin Design Group. “Service Agricole’s new facility is a great example of what can be achieved when proper planning and design is considered in the beginning of the process rather than the end."

Agricole expansion entrance

Central to the Galvanize design is Fendt’s Customer Support Center concept, which places tremendous importance on facilitating customer/employee engagement and collaboration. The immediate benefits of this focus are improved communications and collaborations that lead to more innovative and effective solutions for farmers. The long-term benefits include highly constructive relationships between customers and dealerships, not to mention greater job satisfaction and retention of talented employees.

“We’re tremendously excited about Service Agricole’s Fendt expansion and seeing the Galvanize concept come to life. Service Agricole’s investment in this facility clearly demonstrates their commitment to our mutual customers and supports our farmer-first strategy.  Our dealers work very hard to provide exceptional customer experiences and we want their facilities to work just as hard as they do,” said Anthony Burkes, AGCO’s director of distribution strategy and dealer development.  “Galvanize provides a modern and attractive environment with effective dealership branding that we believe will positively influence customers and energize our dealers’ employees.  We’re excited for what Galvanize represents for the future of AGCO dealerships.”

SA’s Gilles Lafaille summed up the purpose of the project: “The opening of this new facility will be a celebration of our customers and our desire to serve them in a modern and efficient manner. The design will certainly provide a very effective setting to showcase the Fendt customer experience.”

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