Great Plains Mfg's. BD7600 Box Drill features a hydraulic drive option for the split-box configurations, giving producers full on-the-go variable-rate capabilities. Hydraulic drive on a split box allows producers to simultaneously apply two separate products, like seed and fertilizer, or two types of seed, at two separate rates.

The hydraulic drive option also adds an enhanced user interface with DrillCommand, which puts control of the drill at the producer’s fingertips. Producers can control sections or adjust seeding rates with the touch of a button, or they can be automatically controlled by importing a prescription-rate map to save time and input costs.

The DrillCommand interface is intuitive and has easy-to-navigate buttons with simple icons, making quick and easy adjustments a reality for producers. Additionally, DrillCommand integrates with other BD7600 options, including the blockage sensors, cameras, and scales — all using one monitor in the cab. The DrillCommand system is completely ISOBUS-compatible, which allows it to seamlessly integrate with the ISOBUS-certified monitor in the tractor cab.

As a result of continuous innovation, the BD7600 offers producers legendary durability, seed performance and a variety of options to make quick, efficient work of seeding.

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